Into Stoas – Private Walk
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Into Stoas – Private Walk

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disclaimer: This is the COVID-19 version with a maximum of 3 people. 90€ is the total cost.

Stroll with an urban Athenian and discover a city within a city, through the arcades in the heart of Athens, a chaotic district ideal for inquisitive strolls. Find yourself in the intermediate of the Athenian urban fabric, visit the interior of buildings and discuss with shop owners the life and business in the arcades.

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Natassa Pappa, graphic designer and publisher of Desired Landscapes magazine and author of the guidebook Into Stoas, connects the exits by following the old often-overlooked exit signs and takes you on a trip through the most interesting passageways in the heart of Athens. 

During this 2-hour walk, participants will have the opportunity to discover a city within a city and get to know its oral history, through urban details, typography and unique professional classes which do not survive elsewhere. 

  • Explore the underlying network of stoas in the heart of modern Athens, where postwar architecture coexist with the 20s and 30s. 
  • Find yourself in the intermediate of the Athenian urban fabric and get to know the stoas’ character and urban myths.
  • Learn about vernacular visual communication and how people navigate in the city.
  • Meet local shop owners, visit their interiors and discuss their life and business into stoas.


Till you will join us, enjoy some spoilers and reviews.


Fans of typography, architecture and quirky old shops will love her Into Stoas trips.
Athens city guide: what to see plus the best bars, hotels and restaurants, The Guardian

“You may end up discovering something more than a city; you may end up discovering yourself.”
Follow the Exit Sign, Greece Is

“Natassa Pappa has found a way to import some of that order into the grit and chaos of downtown Athens.”
A design for life, e-kathimerini

A tour that submerges you in capsules of space-time, Ling magazine

“Learning about the labyrinth of Athens and the culture and history of its ‘stoas’ is one of the most fascinating of all my explorations into the urban makeup of the city.”
72 Hours in modern Athens – the misunderstood metropolis, Borders of Adventure