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Hello Desired readers, 
we are looking for new voices!

Submissions only through the form: Link here
Deadline — Friday, February 2nd, 23:59 EET


Desired Landscapes — is an independent pocket-sized magazine reading into a diverse mix of cities. Print co-exists with walking tours and an online newsletter, collectively exploring the sense of place though visual culture. Each dispatch is a collection of person-to-place bonds, critical texts, archival material, maps and poetic snapshots, seen through the eyes of people shaping today's cities.

What are we looking for — Fascinating stories that have to do with the experience of the urban landscape and all the possible means of its representation – in text and imagery. We look back at history, as we project to the future. We care about raw personal narratives, obsessive research, distinct voices, and shift perspectives. — Stories can be unconventional in nature, but they should always try to spark dialogue.

There is no theme — Each issue is the result of long conversations. The contrast and patterns between the authors' distinct angles and the chosen cities is the magazine's main objective, and what forms it. Hence, the selection of stories happens on a rolling basis, aiming for this emerging broader narrative.

> Because of such a fluid process, only accepted proposals will receive a response. 

Here are some main keywords to get you started: cities+identity, cities+walking, cities+maps, cities+preservation, cities+health, cities+tourism, cities+form,  city+the untold, cities+energy, cities+magic. 


Desired Landscapes consists of a rigid structure of sections. Having read previous issues would help to come up with ideas fitting those formats, like for example "City's Image", "City Guide", "Reading Cities", and "Walking With". Those who worked with us know that we value collaboration and we heavily edit until a special angle is crafted. So no worries if your story doesn't fit any of the above categories. All we care at this point of the open call, is a clear proposal and a mini writing sample to get us in the mood.

We will get back to you once after the deadline to confirm your submission, and then we will start by replying on a rolling basis to our future contributors.