Hello urban lovers! Desired Landscapes is looking for new fascinating stories.

Desired Landscapes — is an independent magazine reading into a diverse mix of cities. A pocket-sized collection of person-to-place bonds, urban observations and poetic snapshots, seen through the eyes of people who write the stories of today’s cities. Every issue explores the representation of the urban experience and reflects upon the sense of a place.

What we are looking for — We are looking for fascinating stories that have to do with the experience of the urban landscape and all the possible means of its representation – in text and imagery. We look back at history, as we project to the future. We care about raw personal narratives, obsessive research, distinct voices, and shift perspectives. Stories can be unconventional in nature, but they should always try to start conversations on the image of the city and today’s take on tourism.

How we select — The two main criteria for selection are an authentic perspective and the choice of city. Each issue aims to cover a wide mix of cities, to surface patterns as well as contrasts, and the same applies to the portrayed voices.

Submissions only through the form: Link here
Deadline — Friday, March 12th, 23:59 EET

*Please don't include any links that expire